Tourist spots in the vicinity of hotels

Postojna cave

Postojnska jama
Postojna cave - the world-famous beauty. It is suitable for visit of all age groups. The beauty and the diversity of the cave charms every visitor. The entrance of the cave and unforgettable journey with train in the interior are something special.
    • Postojna: 1 km, 2 min
    • Sežana: 33 km, 25 min
    • Ljubljana: 54 km, 41 min

Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle with its unique location is one of the most beautiful castles in Slovenia. Embedded in more than 100 m high wall it creates a unique sense of architectural beauty. The cave behind the castle with the remnants of the original castle is also arranged for visitors.
    • Postojna: 11 km, 15 min
    • Sežana: 34 km, 30 min
    • Ljubljana: 58 km, 51 min

Lipica Stud Farm

Lipica Stud Farm is the home town of world known Lipizzan horses that inspire breeders for more than 400 years. You can visit the stud farm every day between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. and the classic riding school, art lovers can also visit the Gallery of Avgust Černigoj.
    • Sežana: 6 km, 7 min
    • Postojna: 39 km, 30 min
    • Ljubljana: 86 km, 59 min

Škocjan caves

Škocjan caves in the regional park of Škocjan caves, are creation of the Reka River, that springs from below the Snežnik plateau and flows some 55 kilometres on the surface. The Škocjan Caves remain the only monument in Slovenia and the Classical Karst region on UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage sites.
    • Sežana: 14 km, 20 min
    • Postojna: 33 km, 29 min
    • Ljubljana: 81 km, 58 min


Ljubljana, Slovenia's beautiful capital leaves a deep impression on every visitor. The old town is cradled byt the castle hill and the dreamy river Ljubljanica and the willow trees.
The majestic renaissance, baroque and art noveau buildings compete for your attentions with colorful facades and architectural masterpieces. Still, one can see remnants of a roman past and the ancient city of Emona which teach us of a highly developed culture long ago.

Sweeping highlands and mountains guard the northern skyline of Ljubljana basin whereas the southern land is occupied by a vast marsh from 2000 years ago, when the ancient »pile-dwelling« culture inhabited the land.

The colorful palette of cultural life offers something for everyone. The old town blooms with life in the summertime as it showcases public events in almost every corner.

    • Sežana: 82 km, 52 min
    • Postojna: 54 km, 38 min


Bled, the natural pearl of Slovenia has only one island in Slovenia, situated in an Alpine lake, surrounded by picturesque mountains. Romantic walks or a carriage ride around the lake, or a trip with a traditional "pletna" boat to the idyllic church on Bled island, hunting, golf and fishing are just some of the things you can do in Bled.
    • Ljubljana: 56 km, 42 min
    • Postojna: 103 km, 1h 2 min
    • Sežana: 130 km, 1h 17 min

Trieste, Italy

Trieste with its old city centre dating back to the Habsburg monarchy. The castle Miramar was built in 1860s and has a rich museum collection. Next to the castle can be seen 22 hectares large park.
    • Sežana: 11 km, 12 min
    • Postojna: 44 km, 32 min
    • Ljubljana: 92 km, 1h

Venice, Italy

Venice - city located in the marshy Venetian Lagoon in northeast Italy sited on a group of small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. Venice is renowned for the beauty of its setting, its architecture and its artworks. The entirely of the city,  along with the lagoon is listed as World Heritage.
    • Sežana: 161 km, 1h 30 min
    • Postojna: 195 km, 1h 49 min
    • Ljubljana: 245 km, 2h 18 min





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